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Suddenly, the question

“Who are you?”

“I am the man that drinks alone at the bar.”

“Sounds just like a pose, is it not?”

“It is not.”

“It’s kinda weird, you like to be alone? Don’t you get bored?”

“Bored? Oh no.”

“What do you do if you don’t read or something.. do you just stay there thinking while you drinking?”

“I do not usually do much thinking in these moments. Actually, what I do is more to feel than to think. I feel myself and the atmosphere and the people around me. I just enjoy the staying for a while.”

“And then?”

“Sometimes is just that. Other times, it happens that you know someone new.”

“Ah, so you think is a good way to meet new people?”

“There’s more in than that. Every part has value. Feeling the atmosphere, the drinking, the relax, and, of course, the people that sometime you know. But there is a single thing that now I value more than any other. A single moment that make the whole worth a lot more: those few seconds when something happens, and then you have just met someone else.

I ended up loving that moment. Sometime you just meet a look, or someone else wanted to get in touch with you. Sometime is just a coincidence like sneezing at the same time but whatever happens, in that moment you get the connection and you can clearly feel it and eventually, when you will think back on that night, you can believe that that single moment contains all the things that happened lately.

I can remember many of those, more clearly than anything else in the same night.
I love it because it all happens in that precise time. In that moment, when you are not alone anymore.

Till the next time.”



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