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When I was younger I got hit and then addicted by a statement that a friend of mine told me once: “I hate boredom and I love enthusiasm”. It was such a simple statement, in any conversation in any afternoon, but that stucked into my mind for years. It happened during one of those time in your life when you are becoming something new  or, better,  you are defining yourself as something different, and you listen something that perfectly describe what you have in and are trying to explode out. And it helps you.

In years, I came up in loving simplicty over almost anything else. Is a long run. In all my recent peregrination and activities, I always try to achieve simplicity. This is one of the reason I love Tel Aviv and I am here now and I am wondering to get back again. But it is not because this is a simple place, not at all.

It is because it seems to me that here people have inside something even more simple and at the same time even more powerful.

They hate death and love life.

This one is dedicated to Orsola and Rona, whose fathers recently passed away.



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