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Lightweight project management web tool

Ok I am searchiing for something like this since a lot. This spring I evaluated three tool, Huddle, Deskaway and another one I do not remember but they did not fulfill my very basic needs.

Since then on my Diigo page under "project management" there are six new tools, and I discover another couple today.
Now let's make it quick, I do not need much. I'd like a light task management and some sort of topic-centered conversation flow. Single project is ok, I can always open a new account or space for another project.

1. For light task management I mean writing one line/click task creation, assign/involve people with a twitter like syntax "Hey @jonny what do you think about this?"
2. For topic-centered conversation flow I mean I need some categories/tags, some "flow marker" like "engeineering" or "analytics" or "business development" and so on.

I think this can be described just as Twitter along with its List and Search and Mentions, with a very simple and plain task lifecycle management in addition.

I now have to try tweambox, shareflow,, wedoist, kohive,
Anyone want to help? 🙂



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