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Pay, get paid and keep track of everything with Expensify and Freshbooks

As my business and my overall understanding of "how thing works" grows, I can make serious choices about the right tool to simplify my work life.
This morning was the case of expenses report and keep track of clients, projects and billable activity with automatic invoice generation.

My choice falls on Expensify for the first problem and Freshbook for the second. Expensify features a Freshbooks and Google Apps integration, that's a great plus. Both have mobile apps for Android.

Expensify will keep track of all the expenses in a fashioned modern way. I can take a picture of any receipt and send it to Expensify with the mobile app and everything gets archived and ready for my accountant. Expensify has his own android app by the way and is set up in minutes. I just could not complete the credit card import (couldn't find Visa) and Google App connection. Anyway, the support team already contected me, as a new customer, and I'm sure they will sort those issue out for me soon.

Freshbooks is a light project manager with a nice, simple and modern interface: is super easy to create clients, projects, task and send a new invoice with the billed hours to the client. It does not add entropy to your process but offer a nice and compact way of what is going on in your company. There are different mobile apps, I chose TimeDroid, which offer a free and a cheap pro version.
I already knew about those product, so I did not have to research. It took me just a few hours to set up everything and be ready to work with both services, integrated and with mobile version set up.

Now I can start to do some actual work and spend some money!



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