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Major LOL: The boar who has a gun

You can be the best, just remember nothing last

The man you scorned is self revived
He hides his reproach with a hollow pride
And everyone’s a ghost as the lesson dies
And it’s fun, to be a dirty son

breacking locks
“I’ve been too awful to ever be thoughtful to ever be nice”

give them a token
“You can´t stop laughing If you can´t stop falling.”

buddy bradly
“No money could last for too long
Nobody could pay for this song”

cigarette burns forever
“Now I would never let her
but where did people go to get her”

boss inside
“He wanted me to kill him but I took his life instead”

castles and tassels
“And everybody’s acting like they’ve heard something back
From my baby, my baby and me”

I fell into a life of leisure
I saw to a path of pleasure
Don’t it make it that much better
To find a cigarette burns forever.           


Perche' io voto Mauro Buti

Il motivo ce lo siamo cheisti anche noi. Ecco delle possibili risposte:

RE-BOOTY Aggiorna il sistema

Calcio d'angolo al novantesimo. Ce la possiamo ancora fare.
Votalo adesso. (Non potrai farlo tra vent'anni).
[Sincero] Se proprio devi votare a cazzo.
[Giovani eccetera, con forte sfumatura carceraria] Giovani. Dentro e fuori.
[Così] MAURO VOTA BUTI. Fallo anche tu.
È ancora pulito. Approfittane.
Un buon partito, anche per vostra figlia
Votatelo, lui voterebbe per voi
[Simpatico] 100 posti di lavoro (forse).
WOLF 2.0. gestisco sbatte

Non e' finita, ecco il bonus finale!!!

"Votami, AMICO" 🙂

Measure your resolutions

My only new year resolution this year was to not to write new years resolution and to write something about resolutions in general, new year or not, at the beginning of February. I hate mandatory holidays, birthdays, celebrations, traditions of any kind. I do not like new years res as well. So I write my meta resolution article one months later. So snob.

New years resolution are one of the most stupid thing one can do to stay fine with himself. Write a past year report is something far more interesting, challenging, useful and hard. The main reason it is hard is that people forget. I firmly believe that the ability to forget is important as the ability to remember, but this is another story. The difference stay in applying the right skill when it matters.

Forgetting what you have done in your daily job or activity, as well in some ordinary everyday task, is very bad, in many ways. You can't never completely blame or be proud of yourself. You can be in a general way but if you have no real indicator, is too vague and completely useless.

What is the trick? That if you do not write down what you do and how many effort you put in accomplish a task, in getting an objective, something is wrong. If you can't measure, you can't say if something you do worth, or how much it worth.

More than this, if you do not write, you have no track, you can't measure and in the end you have no real control over what you are doing. You follow the wind and somehow, after some time, you will just just get lost. Tracking is more than just creating a to-do list. Is also about marking things done and having a history about what you did, when and how much effort you put in it. Tracking is about measuring
This is the reason most of the people can just work for others. Their time, their accomplishments and everything else is measured by someone else. Good or bad, this is the truth. When we are employed by someone else, we just delegate the responsibilities to track our activities to others.

Is good for someone, for the majority I believe. Not for some other, definitely not for me.

Measure your accomplishments is the key to do less and get more. If you set some vague target, something that you cannot measure day by day or week by week, it is just a big new year's lie. Setting targets like "I will write a book this year" or "I will lose 10Kg in 6 months" is useless. This are directions, but is nothing operative. It pass the same difference as from desire to project. What if you arrive at June without losing nothing? You blame yourself but you do not know why. You can just say "Oh I am so lazy". Self commiseration. You can't learn from that, you can just keep crying and this, again, it is useless.

So tell something like: "I will make 1 hour gym every other day". After one week, you can already see how is going and is more operative than the generic losing weight target. Write 10 pages a week. Dedicate 1 hour a day studying one new thing. Reading one chapter of some book per day. Spend one hour a day with playing with my kids or playing piano or listening to a new record. Talk with each collaborator once per week.

Or, even more important, plan what not to do. Last year I wrote about "7 things I will not do in 2009". I manage to do 6 out of 7. Removing activities sometime is more important than planning new ones, it depends if you feel you are losing time doing non useful stuff. This year I am done with removing activities, I have no more thing I want to eliminate or, at least, is not the most important thing I need to do. My first global task is to measure and keep on doing that for a long period.

Some people tend to do many things, other to do nothing. Is not relevant which kind of individual you are. Either way, without measurement, you get lost in your iper-activity or in your laziness, and you will get few and bad results.

Continuous measurement is the key for self improvement and to get things done and to not fall back into unproductive condition. Is also the key to not become stressed about what we are or are not doing. If you measure, you have control, and you can manage your activities and in the end, your life.

Web Trend 2010

I almost always waste chances to write my thoughts and visions about the Web and the future of Information Technology universe. From now on, I will talk without inhibition, at the risk to say nonsense. It is inevitable, so let's go.

Here we are, 2010 trend. I read a lot of bad ones. I throw my as well. Well actually I had this idea in middle of 2009 and in fact is already happening, is actually an old prediction.

To the point: the Main Trend of 2010 will be "local based/aware social applications". Is not just about geo-location everywhere, is that social app will attack local markets in new way, is a step for getting reconnected with the offline world, in the neverending convergence between the IT universe in large and the rest of the world.

Has something to do with Brightkite and Foursquare, for example, even if they "toys" for now. Local news, for example, will gain a lot of momentum. The great work US and UK government are doing about opening government and public administration data will launch lots of opportunities [1]. The widely adoption of powerful mobile devices will make easy for people to use and search local services where they are (yelp, google near me now…) and very few are now taking advantage of the possibilities of such systems.

Instead I do not think that, for example, "traditional" Social Shopping or Events application will gain many relevance this year. There are a lot of them but no one ever satisfied me.
The reason is mainly related to the lack of interoperability that the Web at large still suffer [2]. Data portability [3] will emerge as the primary industry need during this year and I think, and hope, that first good result will arrive in 2011, also as a consequence of the local base app trend. Cross network authentication (OpenID and oAuth) have been widely accepted and adopted in 2009, finally. This is just the beginning and the consequence of the great need to put end to the growing number of online service. Serious data portability and service interoperability is the next step.

I spoke 🙂

Next days I will talk about the "non friendly social network", the second main 2010 trend related to the way we will use social applications, I give a little roundup about new services  and finally the long awaited article (for me to write, I started last May): the "ask the fucking Twitter" emergence. Stay tuned and tell me what you think about my… ok, delirious 🙂

[1] UK and US
[2] It's like 1973 for Moving Data Around in the Cloud
[3] Data Portability opened in late 2007 and during 2008 the most important software company did join. A lot of work still to do.

Google will you please…

Ok, Google is not working fine anymore since at leat a year. It is still the best tool for historical and consolidated research (well, you could just go for Wikipedia, sometimes…), but it is becoming always harder to find “up to date” content. As for now, I rely on twitter and feeds for the most. And I almost say “oh god” when I need to google something recent.

Read the whole article at No Stop

Freedom of press idea comparison: Italy and Sweden

These days in Italy, the Italian Prime Minister is saying:

I believe that this is something that we no longer need to and cannot support: a publicly funded television station that attacks the government.”

These days here in Tel Aviv, people are concerned about decision of the Swedish government not to condemn the newspaper that published a real strange story about Israeli Army.But in sweden:

freedom of the press is deeply enshrined, a legislated pillar of the nation’s constitution […]politicians seem to be normally extraordinarily careful not to comment on what the media decide to publish.

You can easily find about the story on the web, while my opinion is substantially the one of the Cronicle Herald columnist.

To any of the people that thinks that Swedish government should take a precise position on the matter, I suggest to read the this article about what the Prime Minister of Italy is permitted to say this days.

After that, you take your final consideration. What is happening in Italy are the extreme consequences of limiting the freedom of press and allowing that the whole of the press is controlled by a single person. So, that person can attack the (few) journalist that are doing their actual job saying: “you cannot attack government”. I recently read a quote of a Indro Montanelli old article, back in 1994:

an alarming conceptual confusion between State and government…

Freedom of press also means that sometimes someone said something that is not true. It can happen. What happens if we do not have freedom of press is really, really, a worst option.

“I worry about my child and the Internet all the time, even though she’s too young to have logged on yet. Here’s what I worry about. I worry that 10 or 15 years from now, she will come to me and say ‘Daddy, where were you when they took freedom of the press away from the Internet?’”

— Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation

No direction home

How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown


When it ends up that there are less and less people who inspire you and no more guide at all, suddenly you are on your own and you have figure out a way and make enthusiasm emerge out of nothing, build self security out from yourself.

At that time, indeed, you need moments of vagrancy.

Un concetto che mi ha fatto spesso riflettere e’ quello di trovare
se stessi. L’idea di poter fare un viaggio per mettersi
“alla prova” e in qualche modo scoprire chi si e’ probabilmente non e’
la descrizione piu’ fedele del processo. Piu’ che
un “trovare” se stessi in realta’ si tratta di un “definire” se
stessi. Le esperienze che noi facciamo vanno a caratterizzare
e di fatto a definire chi siamo. Non siamo nulla se non un filo
temporale che lega una serie di eventi, di incontri, di
Senza esperienze semplicemente non saremmo noi, non saremmo nulla. Nel
momento in cui si va a “cercare se stessi” di fatto si
sta abbandonando se stessi andando a riscriverlo tramite una sequenza
di nuovi eventi. Il vecchio se’ scompare e il nuovo ha
solo un vago ricordo di quello che era prima. Non puo’ esserci
comunicazione tra i due se non indirettamente, tramite degli
scritti e, nella direzione opposta, dei ricordi.

La prossima volta che partite per un lungo “viaggio”, fisico o mentale
che sia, dopo aver salutato gli amici ricordatevi di salutare anche voi stessi.

L. Bolzani

First, you copy. Then, you buy. Then… you win?

Lo so, l’articolo non e’ in tema con Dellaviv ma mi fara’ bene pensare ad altro per almeno il tempo dell’articolo. Inoltre l’occasione e’ ghiotta.

Iniziamo da lontano. Negli anni 90 c’era Geocities. Faceva schifo ma era un embrione di sito-community, tutti potevano avere la loro pagina, tutti potevano mettere il logo lavori in corso animato e addirittura uno splendido orologio digitale fatto in Flash. Faceva schifo ma erano gli anni 90 e tutti erano contenti.

Poi e’ arrivato MySpace che fa schifo e basta, ed ha avuto l’unico pregio di permettere a chiunque di mettere in bella mostra qualche sua canzone.

Ecco che quindi e’ arrivato Facebook che, indovinate un po’, all’inizio faceva pena. Non faceva schifo come MySpace anche se a un tratto il Wall iniziava pericolosamente a sembrare un obbrorbrio alla MySpace, ma era stupido forte. Il sistema iniziale di comunicazione wall to wall e’ stato probabilmente il peggior esempio di comunicazione mai apparso sulla Rete. Poi pero’ hanno comprato Mark Andresen e le cose si sono raddrizzate. Intendiamoci, e’ ancora un chiodo lentissimo e popolato per lo piu’ da giochi idioti ma non ci si puo’ fare nulla, e’ un aggeggio mainstream e avra’ sempre piu’ rumore di quanti filtri ci si possa inventare. Resta una colossale rubrica di contatti, punto.

Come si sono raddrizzate le cose in Facebook? Semplice, hanno iniziato a copiare qualcun altro, qualcuno che non ha avuto un paio di intuizioni geniali che invece Zuckerberg o qualcuno per lui ha avuto all’inizio (tipo abituare a inserire nome e cognome invece del nick), ma che era pero’ un bel po’ di spessore in piu’ e infatti hanno creato un servizio meno conosciuto ma comunque stra noto e che nei fatti ha definito le linee guida per la comunicazione su Web. Il Web in real time che Google e Facebook stanno continuamente cercando di copiare.Google direi quasi “disperatamente”. Be’, lo hanno inventato questi qui.

Cosi’ Facebook nell’ultimo anno ha iniziato sempre piu’ ad assomigliare a FriendFeed. Per essere precisi, Facebook ha quasi trasformato la sua Home in quella di FriendFeed: aggiornamenti in semi-real time, sistema di like eccetera. Quasi perche’ c’erano una serie di limiti intrinseci di Facebook, non ultimo il suo essere un chiodo, che non gli hanno permesso e non gli permetteranno mai di diventare semplici, rapidi ed eleganti come il serivio fondato dai quattro tizi (a destra) nella foto. E ora Zuck, il tizio a sinistra, dopo averli copiati, li ha comprati.

Che dire. Il popolo di FriendFeed ha reagito malissimo alla notizia. Personalmente, non posso dire di essere contento ma da un lato forse era inevitabile, dall’altro non  credo che ci sara’ qualcosa come una fusione dei due servizi e men che meno funzionalita’ di Facebook andranno mai a sporcare FriendFeed, nonostante gia’ si faccia ironia su questa eventualita’. Piu’ probabile e’ che  tutto vada  avanti come prima, si fara’ evolvere ancora Facebook nella direzione di FriendFeed il quale continuera’ comunque ad essere un paio di passi avanti, il campo di prova per le novita’, testato su un gruppo di utenti piu’ ristretto ma molto piu’ tech savy. In sostanza, cambia solo chi paga lo stipendio a quei tizi e che a copiare le cose da FF a Facebook saranno piu’ direttamente quelli che le hanno ideate la prima volta.

La speranza insomma  e’ che FriendFeed resti lo stesso e Facebook migliori, come ha indubbiamente fatto dopo l’arrivo di Andresen, anche dopo l’introduzione di questi signori.


When I was younger I got hit and then addicted by a statement that a friend of mine told me once: “I hate boredom and I love enthusiasm”. It was such a simple statement, in any conversation in any afternoon, but that stucked into my mind for years. It happened during one of those time in your life when you are becoming something new  or, better,  you are defining yourself as something different, and you listen something that perfectly describe what you have in and are trying to explode out. And it helps you.

In years, I came up in loving simplicty over almost anything else. Is a long run. In all my recent peregrination and activities, I always try to achieve simplicity. This is one of the reason I love Tel Aviv and I am here now and I am wondering to get back again. But it is not because this is a simple place, not at all.

It is because it seems to me that here people have inside something even more simple and at the same time even more powerful.

They hate death and love life.

This one is dedicated to Orsola and Rona, whose fathers recently passed away.

Suddenly, the question

“Who are you?”

“I am the man that drinks alone at the bar.”

“Sounds just like a pose, is it not?”

“It is not.”

“It’s kinda weird, you like to be alone? Don’t you get bored?”

“Bored? Oh no.”

“What do you do if you don’t read or something.. do you just stay there thinking while you drinking?”

“I do not usually do much thinking in these moments. Actually, what I do is more to feel than to think. I feel myself and the atmosphere and the people around me. I just enjoy the staying for a while.”

“And then?”

“Sometimes is just that. Other times, it happens that you know someone new.”

“Ah, so you think is a good way to meet new people?”

“There’s more in than that. Every part has value. Feeling the atmosphere, the drinking, the relax, and, of course, the people that sometime you know. But there is a single thing that now I value more than any other. A single moment that make the whole worth a lot more: those few seconds when something happens, and then you have just met someone else.

I ended up loving that moment. Sometime you just meet a look, or someone else wanted to get in touch with you. Sometime is just a coincidence like sneezing at the same time but whatever happens, in that moment you get the connection and you can clearly feel it and eventually, when you will think back on that night, you can believe that that single moment contains all the things that happened lately.

I can remember many of those, more clearly than anything else in the same night.
I love it because it all happens in that precise time. In that moment, when you are not alone anymore.

Till the next time.”